The Great Britain X Rail Tour

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Release date: June 217  

Total Run time: approx. 62 minutes

Style: 9 Day tour; multiple engines 

Type: Captioned, without commentary

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In April/May 2017,  7 Steam Engines spent 9 days hauling the Great Britain Rail Tour around the farthest reaches of Great Britain.  This DVD showcases that tour, including footage from each of the nine days.

The locomotives featured include:

Day OneLNER Class A3  No. 60103,  'Flying Scotsman'

Day Two:   LMS Black Five No. 45212 + LNER Class K1 No. 62005

Day Three:   LNER Class K1  No. 62005

Day Four:   LMS Black Five No. 45212 + LNER Class K1  No. 62005

Day Five:   LNER Class K1  No. 62005

Day Six:   LMS Coronation Class No.46233,  'Duchess of Sutherland'

Day Seven:   LMS Jubilee Class  No. 45699,  'Galatea'

Day Eight:   Light Pacific No. 34046, 'Lord Dowding' + LMS Royal Scot Class No. 46100, 'Royal Scot'

Day Nine:   Light Pacific No. 34046, 'Lord Dowding' + LMS Royal Scot Class No. 46100, 'Royal Scot'  

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