'Steam-in-the-Smokebox' Mainline Steam 2016

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DVD information:

Release date: December 2016  

Total Run time: approx. 140 minutes

Style: Day tours; multiple engines 

Type: Captioned, without commentary

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Please note, this DVD features full sound.  The musical trailer above is only representative of the musical 5 minute montage at the end of the DVD. 

'Steam-in-the-Smokebox'  Mainline Steam 2016  is the first of our annual DVD's featuring the best of Steam on the British mainline.  Available to buy on DVD or Blu-Ray, the video is split into four sections.

Section 1: Mainline Steam 2016

The best of mainline steam from 2016, featuring all the locomotives listed in the featured section above.  

Approx. section run time:  67 minutes

Section 2: The Great Britain IX - The Scottish Days of the Tour

The five Scottish Days of the GBIX rail tour, including footage at Inverness, Culloden, Dalwhinine, and the routes out to Thursco and Kyle of Lochalsh.     Approx. section run time: 38 minutes

Section 3: Mosaic - The Changing face of the Jacobite

3 locomotives, one Jacobite, and the unpredicable Scottish weather, jigsawed together to create one picture, not unlike a mosaic.                  Approx. section run time: 29 minutes

Section 4: Classical Steam ~Moonlight~

The full and unabridged version of the trailer above, setting the glory of British Steam to the serenity of Claude Debussy's, Claire de Lune.    Approx. section run time: 5 minutes 

The locomotives featured in this DVD are:

  • Class A1  No. 60163,  'Tornado'
  • Class A3  No. 60103, 'Flying Scotsman'
  • LMS Black Five  No. 44871
  • LMS Black Five No. 45407, 'The Lancashire Fusilier'
  • LMS Jubilee  No. 45690, 'Leander'
  • LMS Jubilee  No. 45699, 'Galatea'
  • Royal Scot Class  No. 46100, 'Royal Scot'
  • Royal Scot Class  No. 46115, 'Scots Guardsman'
  • LMS Coronation Class  No. 46233, 'Duchess of Sutherland'
  • K1 No. 62005, 'Lord of the Isles'