TORNADO on the NYMR (North Yorkshire Moors Railway)

Celebrating her 10th Anniversary 

This DVD has been endorsed by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust

DVD information:

Release date: 17th October 2018

Total Run time: approx. 76 minutes

Style: 'A Day in the life of...'

Type: Captioned, without commentary

Stock Status: In Stock

This DVD has been endorsed by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust , and a percentage of each sale with go back towards the upkeep of the engine. 

DVD £15.00       Blu-Ray £16.00 

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'In early March 2018, in a week full of snow, mist, rain and sunshine, Peppercorn Class A1 No. 60163, 'TORNADO', spent a week on the rails of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

This DVD showcases that visit, with the footage edited as one single journey between Grosmont Station & Pickering.' 

As well as the journey outbound, the DVD features footage from the return journey, plus scenic shots, wildlife shots, and TORNADO being prepared for Service at the NYMR engine sheds.

An additional video gallery shows shots not included in the main feature.

Main feature run time: 60 minutes       Video Gallery run time: 16 minutes

Total run time: approx. 76 minutes

Locations featured along the route include:

   -  Grosmont

   -  Beck Foot 

   -  Darnholme

   -  Goathland

   -  Fen Bog Nature Reserve

   -  Skelton Tower

   -  Levisham

   -  New Bridge 

   -  Pickering 

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