The Jacobite Steam Train SPECIAL Edition

Extra's Disc

Summary of Extras disc content:

* The Festive Jacobite            * The Jacobite - Musical Montage

* Beyond the Jacobite            * Steam Across Scotland

Length of bonus material: approx. 64 minutes

The Festive Jacobite

The same journey to Mallaig and back, only this time starting out from a snow-laden Fort William, with the locomotive trimmed in tinsel.  By the time we reach Glenfinnan, the snow has given way to mist, which in turn gives way to sun and high winds as we head towards Mallaig.  The return is equally diverse, before the sleet sets in at Fort William and the snow returns.    (Approx. 16 minutes)

The Jacobite - Musical Montage

The Jacobite journey told in 5 minutes, set to the serenity of Claude Debussy's Claire de Lune. (Approx. 5 minutes)

Beyond the Jacobite

This short film features footage of the Jacobite Black Fives double-heading rail tours along the West Coast Main Line and the Settle and Carlisle in England.   (Approx. 11 minutes) 

Steam Across Scotland

This film features footage from both Great Britain XI (2018) and Great Britain XII (2019) rail tours in Scotland, including footage of A4 No.60009 'Union of South Africa', LNER B1 No.1264, LMS Jubilee No.45699 'Galatea' and Jacobite Black Five No.44871, steaming across the length and breadth of Scenic Scotland.    (Approx. 32 minutes)  

All the above short films are captioned, without commentary.

Actual screen shots from the video