The Jacobite Steam Train SPECIAL Edition


Format:   DVD (3 disc set) / Blu-Ray (2 disc set)

Release date:   May/June 2019

Main Feature Run time:   1 hour 36 minutes

Total Run time (incl Extras):   2 hours 20 mins (to be finalised) 

Booklet:   36-page, full-colour picture and fact guide

Style:   Main feature edited as one single journey

Type:   Captioned, without commentary.  Facts and a narrative about the route are provided in the booklet. 

Price to be confirmed.

Final design may vary slightly    



*  Film: 'The Jacobite Steam Train', running at 1 hour 36 minutes

*  Film: 'The Festive Jacobite', running at 15 minutes

*  Musical Montage: 'The Jacobite', running at 5 minutes

*  Film: 'Beyond the Jacobite', running at between 10-12 minutes (to be finalised)  

*  Film: 'Steam across Scenic Scotland', running at approx. 15 minutes (to be finalised)

*   Plus, a 36 page, full colour DVD-size booklet, full of pictures and facts about the Jacobite route

NB. To allow for inclusion of the DVD-sized booklet, the Blu-Ray Edition will ship in a DVD-sized case.

For more detailed information, please visit each of the pages below:

>> The Fact & Route Guide Booklet (Click here)

>>  The Main Feature (Click here)

>>  The Extra's Disc (Click here)

Please Note: If you have previously bought our ‘Black Five on the Jacobite’ DVD, then the SPECIAL EDITION does borrow some footage from that film, which has been recut with the new material and colour-graded where necessary.  However, this is not just an extension of the Black Five DVD; this is a complete new edit of the journey.

Actual screen shots from the video